Maximizing the X Ray Industry

Pacs workstation

As the the world has discovered more technologies, one of the wonderful areas of exploration has been in x rays and and xray accessories.

X rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They were originally named “X” because they were unknown. That was before the lead aprons and lead glasses. Now, they are understood and used safely for the benefit of society.

X rays are stored on PACS, a picture archiving and communication System. PACS vendors provide storage, and access to, medical images through multiple computers. Pacs computers and PACS workstations have taken the place of film archives and other methods of maintaining hard copies of medical images.

PACS vendors are revolutionizing the world of x rays. People first started needing to keep records of medical images the very year that x rays were discover. X rays were discovered in 1895, and dental x rays were being done that same year.

PACS vendors and x rays are not only used for taking images of the body. PACS vendors can also be used to explore and store up interesting information. For example, x rays have shown that there are three completed versions of the Mona Lisa beneath the current one. Apparently, Leonardo Da Vinci kept reworking his masterpiece.

X rays and PACS vendors can be very useful. They can help doctors look over the body of a person and store patient histories. They can also be very fun. This is the way with cutting edge technology. More like this:

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7 responses to “Maximizing the X Ray Industry”

  1. Every time I get an x ray, whether it is for my teeth or to see if I broke a bone or something, I am always a little concerned about the radiation going into me.

  2. I know. They put the lead apron on, but then they leave. That is just never comforting to me.