Gum Disease is Nothing to Smile About

Curing gum disease

Did you know that a toothbrush has more than 25,000 bristles? Although toothbrushes are designed to clean teeth, many people still suffer from oral health problems. There are several teeth treatment options available, though, such as dental implants, which can replace missing teeth, and veneers, which can cover the surface of teeth. But how can you treat gum disease? By understanding what gum disease is, it will be easier to select the best treatment method.

1. Symptoms of gum disease. Bleeding, swelling, bad breath, shifting teeth, and gum recession are all common symptoms of gum disease. Unfortunately, however, many symptoms remain hidden and painless until the gum disease has matured. That is why frequent dental checkups are important. Dentists are trained to look for gum disease, and they will be able to spot it right away.

2. Gum disease causes. Gum disease is the result of bacterial growth. Cancer, smoking, menopause, diabetes, family history of gum disease, and not brushing or flossing have all been known to cause this disease. Even plaque that has been left on teeth for too long is one of the most common gum disease causes.

3. Treatment for gum disease. Curing gum disease can be as simple as obtaining a professional dental cleaning. However, some severe cases of gum disease require surgical treatment. Bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, flap surgery, bone surgery, and guided tissue regeneration are all effective treatment options. Although 66% of patients who seek cosmetic dentistry treatments are women, most people can qualify to receive these treatments.

Teeth are similar to fingerprints in that no two are identical. Unfortunately, however, gum disease is the same way. Gum disease has several symptoms, causes, and treatments, but fortunately, many dentists are able to treat any level of gum disease. By receiving the proper treatment option, you can finally flaunt your smile with confidence. Get more here:


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  1. I had no idea gum disease was such a scary thing. But then again, I do a perfect job of taking care of my teeth. My dentist even says so. So why would anyone ever get gum disease? Its so easy to prevent, all you have to do is brush!