Colorado Camping with Kiddos

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Family camping is an incredible experience that is enjoying a huge resurgence, with 3 million more Americans having gone camping in 2012 than in 2010. Helping kids to learn respect for nature and helping families to bond, tent and cabin camping is a wonderful way to make memories.

Typical campers go on five camping trips a year, traveling an average of just under 200 miles from their homes to a campground. Though each state has something wonderful to offer campers, camping in Colorado is one of the most fantastic experiences campers can have. While adult campers might be drawn to the miles of trails and remarkable scenery, there are some additional precautions that should be taken for parents interested in bringing children on a Colorado camping trip. Tenting is a possibility, but there are also a plethora of cabins in Colorado that might be better options, especially for parents of young children. Cabin rentals are often available at the same campsites where many families tent and provide a great introduction to the camping experience.

Colorado Camping with Kids

Even if you do opt to experience the outdoor from cabins in Colorado, there are still some preparations that should be made if you’re bringing little ones.

  • Know that the weather changes quickly, even in the summer. You should dress in layers and plan ahead to help kids stay comfortable.
  • Ask your kiddos to help you pack their bags, allowing them to bring favorite toys, books, or stuffed animals. Familiar, well-loved items make unfamiliar experiences much easier.
  • If you’re sure that you’d rather use a tent than cabins in Colorado, do a practice run in the backyard to familiarize kids with the tent and the idea of sleeping outside.
  • Try a bug repelling lotion instead of spray. It will go on more easily and will still save your child the agony of too many mosquito bites.
  • Plan some kid-friendly camping activities. Most cabins in Colorado are situated alongside fire pits which make for a great opportunity. Try making s’mores or spider dogs, of course only after discussing campfire safety.

Camping in colorado, whether in a tent or a cabin, is a wonderful family experience. Make sure you prepare your little ones adequately before embarking, and enjoy! The opportunity to make great memories like a family camping experience is one that won’t be around forever.

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