Accessibility for Everyone, An Important Feature for Your Home or Business

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Making your home accessible to everyone is something all of us should keep in mind. Many elderly individuals, those in wheelchairs, and even those with strollers have a hard time navigating stairs and other features of the typical home. Installing adjustments to make your home accessible to everyone is something all your guests will appreciate, and possibly even you years down the road.

One of the easiest thing you can do is make sure there are ramps, whether its a home or business, especially those in wheel chairs appreciate this accommodation which allows them to access the door with ease. Making sure your main entrance is accessible to everyone is a great thing to do to make sure all your guest feel welcome.

Another great option is a home chair lift. During the 1920’s C.C. Crispen, a self taught engineer invented the first chair lift to help a sick friend get from one floor to another. Chair lifts for stairs is something many people will appreciate, whether its an elderly individual who can no longer make it up the stairs, or someone in a wheel chair. The power on these stair lifts is usually somewhere around 250 watts.

If you often have guests visiting your home that use a wheel chair, a chairlift is a good idea as well, this will allow the wheel chair and its occupant to be lifted up stairs, into the car, or wherever everyone else is going. This will make them feel at home and that someone has taken their needs into consideration.

Home elevator installation may be a great option for those of you who live with someone who may desperately need a residential elevator. Get your residential elevator dimensions and find out how much it would cost, often times the prices are reasonable. These residential elevator dimensions will allow you to estimate costs and see how the elevator would fit into your home. Often times elevator companies will come out and take the residential elevator dimensions for free.

Making adjustments for those with needs is a loving gesture. It will allow everyone to navigate through your home with ease. Often times people that need these adjustments cannot enter buildings on their own without them, and who knows years down the line you may just need them yourself.

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7 responses to “Accessibility for Everyone, An Important Feature for Your Home or Business”

  1. making adjustments for those with handicaps is an important thing. it allows everyone to get around without asking for help. which sometimes can be embarrassing to the individual.

  2. everyone should at least have a ramp. I find buildings and homes without ramps to be insensitive to the needs of everyone.