A Volkswagen Ride Through History

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While visiting a Volkswagen Los Angeles based dealer recently, I learned some very interesting facts about the popular German auto maker. The dealer I visited owns lots of lots, such as Volkswagen Pasadena, Volkswagen Santa Monica, and Volkswagen Van Nuys. The Los angeles vw dealer I spoke with taught me a great deal of interesting things regarding, not only Volkswagen cars, but vehicles in general. The trip was rather enlightening, in deed.

1. Volkswagen was founded in 1837 by the Nazi trade union, Deutsche Arbeitsfront, or the German Labour Front. Volkswagen has its roots deeply embedded in history, as it was the official car of the Third Reich, and later became an immensely popular middle class car during the 40s and 50s.

2. The Volkswagen Beetle is no longer produced! I had no idea that this was the case, but apparently the economy car, also known as the Bug, was only manufactured from 1938 until 2003. This quirky little vehicle will certainly be missed.

3. It takes only about a half an ounce of gasoline to power up a car. That is about a third of a shot glass full of oil! The VW dealer made sure to put in a shameless plug here when he said, “With all of the gas savers Volkswagen Los Angeles has to offer, think about how much money you will have left over for all the fun things you want to do!”

4. Every minute in America there are about 65 traffic tickets issued. For me, this was the least surprising of all the facts I learned at Volkswagen Los Angeles. Needless to say, I have seen my fair share of speeding tickets in my day. But, interesting, nonetheless.

5. The Volkswagen Los Angeles dealer told me that the car did not have a radio installed in it until 1929. Seeing as the first car was invented by a German engineer in 1885, and wireless radio, ten years later, it is hard to believe the two technologies took so long to merge. Could you imagine never having music playing while driving? Although, maybe I would receive less speeding tickets if I had no way to blast thrash metal while I drove around…hmm..

The Volkswagen Los Angeles dealer was more than hospitable to me as he gave me a tour of his lot. Under the midday California sun, it was a sea of shimmering cars and SUVs. The Volkswagen los angeles dealer saw me to my car and, as he shook my hand, he tried one last time to convince me to leave in one of his Volkswagen Los Angeles beauties. Looking him dead in his lazy eye, I had to tell him the truth. “Sorry, pal. I drive American,” I said as I hopped into my Ford and drove off into the sunset, leaving a long trail of black exhaust and deafening Metallica behind me.

For more information, read this website: www.vwofdtla.com

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  1. I bet he goes back to the Volkswagen dealer and says he has had a change of heart…er a change of engine.