Why Your Company Needs Exchange ActiveSync

Activesync security policies

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, can help to streamline platform setup and device enrollment processes, which can include authentication, registration of devices which are owned by employees, or enterprise devices, as well as the application of default device settings in the event of a system restoration procedure or reformatting. You need to know that your Exchange ActiveSync solution can keep up with the speed of your business, because MDM these days may mean managing thousands of devices on a single network within an office. MDM is a crucial part of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, policies, because the loss of even a single device without MDM can be devastating for a business. Imagine if an outsider got access to important and confidential customer financial information, or confidential information about your company.

With Exchange ActiveSync you can make sure that you have complete control over the devices which are going to be used by employees in a BYOD environment, whether they are lost or not. With the right MDM and ActiveSync security policies in place you can keep track of the actual physical location of a device, as well as remotely delete information whenever necessary. 70 percent of smartphone users will regularly check their email from work outside of normal business hours, which is great for productivity, but also means that the device can be lost at any time. Be sure to use the right Exchange activesync policies and software, so that you can keep track of these devices and respond whenever a device is lost or stolen. 54 percent of employees will choose to use their tablets for both personal and business reasons, which is another reason Activesync android policies are important. You can regulate the installation of potentially harmful third party software, and ensure security compliance across the board with the right Exchange ActiveSync solution.

If you are one of the progressive businesses that has chosen BYOD, then you already know the benefits that it can bring to the table. You may also know the risks that it can present, a matter which needs to be properly addressed through Exchange ActiveSync policies. Estimates have stated that by the year 2015, over half of the smartphones that are used in business will be owned by employees. Future proof your business against any potential problems or issues by establishing the strongest Exchange ActiveSync solutions now, and avoid trouble later.