Why You Should Use Real Wood Veneer Laminate Sheets for Your Furniture

Wood vaneer sheets

Veneer laminate sheets can help you add a distinctive wood finish to your countertops, flooring, or cabinets. Veneer laminate sheets are much cheaper and easy to work with than buying solid wood countertops or furniture. But what, exactly, are veneer laminate sheets, you may be wondering.

Veneer laminate sheets are made with a special type of engineered wood that can be applied to furniture, countertops, flooring, and cabinetry to give the appearance of furniture or flooring made completely out of wood. Veneer laminate sheets generally consist of a thin layer of wood glued onto a solid core. This is then adhered to your furniture. But veneer laminate sheets do not only have to be made of wood. They can also be made from plastic or marble to give varying appearances to your furniture and countertops. There even exists a large variety among wood veneer laminate sheets, including bamboo veneer sheets, cherry veneer sheets, mahogany veneer sheets, oak sheets, etc. Any type of wood you want can be found in veneer laminate sheets.

There are two major types of wood veneer laminate: real wood laminate and faux wood laminate. Real wood laminate is just what it sounds like. It is made of several very thin layers of real, actual wood. Thin slices of man made composite wood make up the inner layers, whereas the outer layer is made of one very thin slice of natural wood that is usually taken from a whole log.

Faux wood veneer laminate sheets are created using a similar process to the real wood sheets, but plastic is used instead of real wood. In order to achieve the same look as real wood, faux wood veneer laminate sheets are printed with photographs of natural wood. These veneer laminate sheets are then covered in a thin layer of clear resin to make them durable and scratch resistant

Real wood veneer laminate sheets are often considered to be superior to faux wood veneer laminate sheets. Many people prefer the look and feel of real wood over the faux wood plastic alternative offered by plastic veneer laminate sheets. It offers that nice, textured wood feel instead of the smooth plastic surface you get with faux wood. Real wood veneer laminate sheets can also be stained and repaired if you get tired of the color or they get damaged.

So the next time you are looking into wood furniture, countertops, or cabinets, consider saving some money and using real wood veneer laminate sheets instead. You will get the same aesthetic effect while saving considerable amounts of money. Get more on this here.