Where to Find the Most Fashionable Camo

Camouflage pants

Although camouflage was not introduced for military use until the Napoleonic Wars, it has been the life blood for nature since the beginning of time. In fact, camouflage has been a hot topic of intrigue amongst zoologists for centuries (e.g., why do zebras have black and white stripes? And how do owls and chameleons seem to blend in with their surroundings? And just how is it that Arctic foxes and rabbits have coats that transform according to their season and surroundings?)

The evolution of camouflage, however, is quite different. What began as a mask for military artillery (guns, rifles, cannons, and even transport vehicles), is now a fashionable statement on the Paris, Milan, and New York haute couture runways (which explains why the word, camouflage, derives from the French word for veil, camoufleur).

Today, in fact, camo arrives in a variety of fashionable items and accessories. From camo baby bedding to camo truck accessories, there is a camo accoutrement to suit any preference. That is right, if you love pink camo, you are all set.

So if you are craving a camo wedding, the question then is, where do I find such rare camo gear? Well, hunting and tactical gear aside, the internet is thriving with camo related retailers with a wide variety of camo attire (yes, even camo bedding exists).

A simple internet web search can lead you to both brick and mortar and online retailers (the latter is particularly helpful if you are a camo lover living in New York City). Do you know of any tried and true camo sellers that are your go to, for, say, camo seat covers? If so, please share!

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