What Happens During Well Drilling? – Blogging Information

The process may appear complicated initially, but it entails an exact step-by-step procedure. This YouTube video “Drilling Animation” describes the procedure to drill wells.

The company that drills wells ensures that 7 layers of protection are employed during drilling to safeguard the integrity and stability. First layer of protection includes the casing for conductors which is done through drilling a diameter into the soil to support the soil around the well and prevent its interference with private wells.

Drill Bits are produced in various stages. Some areas require the use of a protective mat to cover two-thirds of the pad site as an added precaution.

Another layer of protection is the casing on the surface, which shields the deeper freshwater zone, after the driller service has performed air drilling within the zone. The drilling mud production casing is a second layer of protection. It cools drill bits , and raises the rocks in order to strengthen the hole.

The final layer of protection is the production casing that is installed all over the well for development of production fluids. The three different applications of cement can be used to seal and separate the well.