What Can Temp Agencies Do for Your Business? – This Week Magazine

You are aware of the advantages of temp services for your business. The presenter focuses on how the contract operates, but will provide a few of the advantages of a temp contract employee. One benefit that is discussed is the legal obligations we have to the temp worker as an employer. The other benefit is that it’s not mandatory.

The employee is not legally responsible and therefore you’re not legally liable to pay to any benefits or insurance. The temp agency acts as the employer. Thus, the agency will be in charge of payroll, insurance, as well as any other advantages that it decides to offer to the temp.

Another benefit is trying to get an employee’s attention prior to making an offer. The majority of temp workers become full-time workers. You also could ask your agency to transfer an alternative employee if the temp is not the right fit for your company. Tempo workers are a great opportunity to increase the size of your company and with less risk. Watch this video to learn more.