Understanding Methadone and Pain Management – InClue

It is well-known that the importance of medications in reducing pain, whether you have cancer or arthritis. Today, PAINWeek talks with Dr. McPherson about methadone and ways to manage pain.

The Dr. McPherson goes over why she prefers to use methadone when treating patients in order to manage their pain. She describes the range of forms the medication comes in and how that can be beneficial for various patient. She shares an example of methadone that is an orally dissolved form, which is great for patients with difficulty taking pills. She discusses the many ways in which methadone can be used in treating pain.

The Dr. McPherson also discusses the possible risks associated with the use of this medication with patients. She also discusses ways to stay clear of these. McPherson discusses the need to understand medication half-life when adjusting dosage. Also, she warns others to be mindful of the multiple possibilities for interaction between drugs.

Mcpherson, Dr. Mcpherson says education is essential for everyone that is involved in any case involving methadone, whether that’s either the doctor or the patient. wiihdcew1r.