Understanding Industrial Welding – Source and Resource

Since the fourth century it has been a common practice. There are a myriad of industries that depend on welding. It is due to this that welding itself has branched in a variety of ways. The different forms of welding due to the type of industry you’re within, you will be using diverse materials and tools.

An electrode is used to ignite a fusion reaction in most forms of welds. Flux, a term used to describe welding describes the mixture of materials used to weld to protect the metal from gasses from the surrounding air.

Submerged arc welding could be described as a type of welding. The welding occurs in a blanket packed with flux. This is due to how welding is done during the time that it is “submerged” in the blanket. All in all, there are a variety of welding techniques. Most of the time, each of them has similarities regarding the scientific aspect of the process, however, different types of materials require different equipment, which is why we see differences.