Tips for Interviewing at a Law Firm – Cleveland Internships

The application process for applicants within the world of work is a daunting task, and nerve-wracking just thinking about having an interview with one of these prestigious organizations. Although it’s a great practice to get ready, don’t waste your time overthinking of freaking out about the process. Be yourself and submit your application honestly and approach the interview with confidence as a friendly and enthusiastic future employee. If you’re afraid of being spotted by the light of a headlights when you answer an interview query the following video can help you. a brief overview of the questions that law firms tend to pose during the initial interview.

To begin, you should formulate an answer beforehand to the frequently asked question “what is your greatest weakness?” You could follow up by asking questions such as “Tell me about an example that you’ve made a mistake” or “What do you think a boss should tell you to do better?” You must answer the questions truthfully and provide details of what you’ve done to overcome the weaknesses. Discuss how you dealt with your weaknesses instead of digging in to what you would like had changed about yourself.