Tips for Designing a Handicapped Bathroom

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Are you going to remodel your bathroom soon and need to add fixtures and facilities found in a handicapped bathroom? Perhaps you are remodeling your business and need meet certain regulations for providing a handicapped bathroom. There are several bathroom remodel designs that can provide the necessary design features to meet these requirements.

When designing a handicapped bathroom, you need to be aware of certain measurements and dimensions that need to be met. For instance, once inside a handicapped bathroom, a person using a wheelchair or walker needs enough room to turn around completely. The turning radius is generally about 60 inches of space in the center of the room. For a person utilizing a walker, the sink should be slightly higher that usual, 24 inches high instead of the regular 31 inches. This will allow the user to stand straight against the sink without having to bend or slump down.

Ideas for bathroom remodeling for a handicapped bathroom also include functional showers and tubs. An accessible shower can be designed as a roll in unit for wheelchair access. They can also be fitted with a small curb and chair or seat, so a wheelchair user can be transferred safely inside the shower. A handicapped bathroom can also be fitted with several options of walk in tubs. These walk in bathtubs will make bathing easier for those with disabilities or who are elderly.

Another fixture that should be installed in a handicapped bathroom during bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, are grab bars. These grab bars should be installed near the toilet, as well as in the shower and tub area.

When you are ready to work on a handicapped bathroom, you can contact a Phoenix bathroom remodeling specialist. You will be able to discuss how to implement the necessary bathroom features as well as the bathroom remodeling costs for a handicapped bathroom. You will probably find that these costs when compared to the safety and access provide will be inexpensive. You will be providing easy access and safety to those with disabilities with the new handicapped bathroom.