Three Ways to Stop Foreclosure in Its Tracks

Is my home in foreclosure

A 2012 report from RealtyTrac showed that one out of ever 72 United States housing units had filed for foreclosure during the year. In 2013, the number of monthly foreclosure increased by 1.3%. If you’ve ever had to ask a question like “is my home in foreclosure,” then you know how stressful a situation it can be. In those first few moments, perhaps the only solace is the knowledge that you’re far from the only one dealing with it.

In order to make sure that you and your family can save your home, you’ll want to make sure that you keep a few pieces of advice in mind. Sometimes even the most seemingly simple hints could save you and your family from an incredible deal.

  • Learn Your Rights – By going to a mortgage help center, you and your family could learn all of the rights and protections that are guaranteed to you under the law. Home foreclosure help centers are there to help you either avoid or completed the process in a way that is as beneficial as possible to you. No matter which you you choose to go, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of all of your rights.
  • Strike a Deal – After you’re done asking “is my home in foreclosure,” you should think about getting in touch with your lender as quickly as possible. Because successfully completing a foreclosure is a lengthy and expensive legal process, most banks will be happy to set up some kind of deal. The sooner you act, the better a deal you could get.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Consider Bankruptcy – “Is my home in foreclosure” is one of the worst questions you could ever have to ask yourself. However, one solution you should not be afraid to ask is “will bankruptcy help me?” A bankruptcy judge can drastically reduce your debt, which could become necessary if your lender is inflexible. When faced with foreclosure, it helps to consider every option.

It’s natural to be upset when the first foreclosure notice comes in the mail, even if it is not a complete surprise. Once the shock has worn off, you’ll want to get to work as quickly as possible. With tips like these, you and your family can enjoy a much bigger chance to save your home from foreclosure.