Three Qualities That Make Any CNN Breaking News Video Stand Out

Any typical viewer can easily tell the difference between a CNN breaking news video and traditional breaking news videos published and uploaded by smaller stations and channels. The quality difference is clear, the content difference is evident and the actual types of stories covered is evident with CNN breaking news video too. Simply put, these videos stand out very much for their unmatched quality and their utmost professionalism.

The difference in quality is evident with CNN breaking news videos because they are shot using highly trained and professional videographers who work for one of the world’s top news stations. There are dozens of sister stations that are part of the larger CNN landscape, but across all of these stations is one clear and present focus on quality. The equipment used is better, the footage shot is stronger and the overall aesthetic is more pleasing to the average eye.

The difference in content is quite evident between a CNN breaking news video and other kinds of breaking video news too. The reporters and writers behind these programs and shows take their jobs very seriously, and their hard work shows and shines through in the programming that these shows produce both through traditional programming and in online environments. Anyone who does not see the CNN symbol at the bottom of their screens while watching a broadcast still could tell that the broadcast or the segment was done by a very well trained professional, simply due to the high quality content produced through these professionally done and produced segments.

The types of stories covered with a CNN breaking news video are quite different from other kinds of breaking news covered through other media outlets too. CNN is smart enough to avoid sensationalism and instead focuses on very strong and hard hitting news. It does sometimes delve into entertainment news, celebrity culture and news that it normally does not cover, but 90 percent of the time the network’s quality is quite unmatched among competitors.

Because the typical CNN breaking news video is so high in quality, many stations are attempting to emulate the network and its unique coverage. Luckily, a breaking news video template exists to get these other stations, as well as videography students and others, to understand more about how these videos are filmed, edited, produced, and aired. So basically anyone wanting to emulate this world class network can do so easily with some searching around online.