Three Important Considerations When Choosing Glasses

Reading glasses online

Choosing the right glasses may not be the most difficult thing you will ever have to do, but if you have ever looked at a wall of frames at the optometrist’s office, then you know that it’s certainly not easy. Fortunately, these days you can buy glasses online and have an almost unlimited selection of frame styles to choose from. In some ways, this makes your task easier. Here are three of the more important factors to keep in mind so that you can choose the right pair of glasses online.

The All-Important Frame Shape

Choosing the right glasses starts with this step. If the glasses frames do not suit your face shape and features, then what good are they? You can use online guides that instruct you on how to find the right glasses for your face, and analyze accordingly. The general rule of thumb is to look for frames that contrast, rather than mimic, your face shape and features.

Color vs. Metal Frames, Which Look Will Suit You?

Choosing the right glasses is also largely dependent on choosing a style that suits your tastes. Using online frames retailers to find your ideal pair of glasses will allow you to consider all of the potential frame colors and material options. If you are extra conscious about how your apparel and accessories match, then choosing bright red frames could be a bad idea. Metal, or black frames, are more likely to go with a wide range of wardrobe choices. If you have a more eclectic sense of style, then fun eyeglass frames in bright colors might make you smile no matter how they coordinate with your outfit.

Don’t Forget About Lens Coatings

When ordering glasses online, at some point in the checkout process you will have the ability to choose from various lens coatings. Transition coatings will allow you to enjoy your glasses indoors and out, as they will automatically polarize when exposed to the sun. You could choose a polarized coating if you want constant sun protection, or a UV protection coating if you want to limit damage to your eyes without tinting the lenses. An anti-reflective coating is especially useful if you drive at night, or if you want people to see your eyes without a glare coming off of the lenses.

If you want to choose the right glasses, you only need to give careful thought to each step of the selection process. Frame shape, color and style, and lens type and coating should be your main concerns. Prescription and sizing are all predetermined. Remember to consider how your features will be flattered by different frame shapes, and whether you can abide frames that either complement, or at times contrast, your wardrobe. If you follow these rules then you should end up with just the right pair of glasses. Reference links: