There’s No Room for Error When It Comes to High Temp, High Pressure Seals!

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Did you know that there are many industrial and automotive applications for which high temperature oil seals are a crucial component? If you didn’t, but are performing work on a car or motorcycle engine, or on another machine that transfers fluids in a high pressure, high temperature environment, you’ll soon discover this!

High pressure seals and high temperature seals are crucial for safety, as they have to maintain complete closure while withstanding stressful conditions. Peek seals are on type, made of the substance PEEK, which is a semi crystalline thermoplastic developed especially for this purpose.

There are a few other kinds of these high temperature oil seals as well, including spring energized seals that are more complex and expensive, but have spring loaded technology to help them withstand even more extreme conditions.

You may find that there are some local vendors that can supply high temperature oil seals, metal cased P.T.F.E. seals, O rings, gaskets and so on, as well as an even greater number of online sellers who will ship out exactly the type and quantity of seal that you need. You should do some research to determine if you will buy your high temperature oil seals locally or online, and pick the vendor most likely to supply reliable parts that will work dependably in your engine.