The Tools You Need to Avoid Frying Your New PC

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Do you have $1,000 or more tucked away in a savings account? If your answer is no, you may want to start putting some money away. Why? That is exactly how much you’ll pay for the average Mac desktop PC. Many Americans cannot, in this day and age, afford to go without a computer in the event of mechanical or technical troubles. Working, viewing and paying electronic bills, or staying in touch with loved ones can all depend on the functionality of a personal computer.

However, there is another way. Tech-savvy Americans can construct DIY or custom PC using relatively inexpensive parts. Consumers can save a lot of money that way – if they build PCs correctly. What simple tools keep DIY systems safe and reliable?

Rubber Grommets and Color Cable Ties

In order to make a custom PC worth the time and effort, you need to carefully preserve and protect computers’ electrical wiring. Consumers can use sturdy rubber grommets to shield internal cords and cables from sharp metal pieces and edges and any associated abrasion and wear. Heavy-duty grommets may also be used to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and reduce noise pollution and significant vibrations from PCs’ fans and internal mechanisms.

PC builders should keep in mind, however, that protecting internal wiring alone is not enough. Smart computer enthusiasts will go through lengths to organize and safeguard external wires and cables as well. Simple color cable ties can be used to bundle and fasten wiring. Cable ties are typically made out of nylon and use a simple pawl and series of teeth to lock cords into place. Color cable ties make it possible to quickly and easily identify specific wires or groups of wiring.

Threaded Standoffs

Finally, it is absolutely critical for custom PC builders to remember threaded standoffs. Threaded standoffs are available online, or in local hardware stores, and come in a number of different materials. Standoffs are relatively easy to install, and – without them – consumers risk systems overheating and frying.

Building your own PC can save you money, and afford you greater systems and formatting options. Protect your new system using rubber grommets, cable ties, and critical standoffs.
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