The Elements of Good Breaking News

Have you ever been captivated by archived CNN breaking news videos? Important events in human history, like the Persian Gulf war and September 11, are encapsulated into these breaking news videos. Many of these events were worthy of the history books in of themselves. The fact of the matter is, though, that graphics, sounds and expert reporting contributed to the best breaking news videos. This format can be observed over and over again, and standardized into a breaking news video template for local TV stations.

So what are the elements of breaking video news? The first element is always an event. Events like September 11 were rare moments that changed American history, and just begged for breaking news coverage. Smaller events can definitely be worthy of breaking news videos. Weather events are popular, for they tend to affect many people in a viewing area. Of course, one can always manufacture a breaking news event. Major cable networks do this a lot, but are limited by the size of their markets. Local TV stations can make for big breaking news if it affects many people, such as a road closure, political scandal, or another controversy.

Another element to the best breaking news videos is graphics and sounds. Graphics here are the most important, as there is far more room for them in breaking news videos than there are for sounds. Be sure to use visually appealing graphics that only give additional information, and not steal the show away from the main event.

Finally, a reporter can make for the best breaking news videos. When Walter Cronkite cried on air during the Kennedy assassination, it made news almost as much as the assassination itself. Most reporters cannot do this, but a few can make or break a news cast. Having reporters act emotional or serious in breaking news videos is beneficial.

Video breaking news gives us a front seat to history. That is why every TV station should be equipped for breaking news videos. After all, when news strikes, it is a golden opportunity for a TV station.