The Best Home Architecture Documentaries That Capture Custom Building on Film – The Film Frame

The world-renowned Glass House that we have seen on film and television and that many designers have attempted to copy in some way or another. The house serves as an architectural masterpiece and a source of inspiration. The house was built by architect John C. Sullivan in 1945. He stayed in the house until the time of his death in 2005.

The Glass House is a true example of customization within homes. It is also what many people think of when they think of modern architectural designs. Philip Johnson’s contributions to the creation of The Glass House and other accomplishments in architecture is what sets him apart in the crowd of designers. That’s why other people take a look at Philip Johnson for inspiration when making custom-built homes.

Microtopia (2013 by Jesper Wachtmeister)

This documentaries tells the story of a variety of architects all over the world which are attempting to challenge the concepts of the new custom-designed homes. They are some of the leading home builders, and are working to come up with new ideas for smaller living spaces that might not have thought of in our heads.

This documentary is eye-opening that sheds light upon tiny house designs that are getting more and more sought-after. The documentary follows a few distinct architects, and the things they think of as creative micro-homes. If you love seeing those ready to accept the new challenges of life, this is a fascinating documentary.

Lego House the Home of the Brick

This is another great documentary that challenges what we see as”custom construction.. This show follows builders while they utilize the standard Lego designs as inspiration to build their own custom homes. The show can be seen available on Netflix and does follow every step from beginning with the design of the home until the construction and finally the building. This is an entertaining documentary which reveals is involved in extreme custom homes is and also what the process looks like.