Recipes WIth Salsa Dip

Classic mild salsa dip

If you are like a lot of people, you enjoy the fresh and spicy flavors of salsa. Many dishes can get an added taste sensation with just the addition of salsa. Recipes with salsa dip are often considered favorites.

So, what is salsa and its ingredients? It is usually made from tomatoes, onions, and various spices. Recipes with salsa dip often include chili peppers such as serranos or jalapenos for an added level of health. However, do you know about the salsa nutrition and calories? In a two tablespoon serving, fresh salsa calories can range between four and 10 calories. This is a great way to maintain our healthy diets while still eating our favorite foods.

Since the calories in salsa are low, you can often find recipes with salsa dip that can be substitutes for foods higher in calories. For example, how about salad dressing recipes with salsa dip? These are great, tasty alternatives to dressings that may be cream or mayonnaise based. These recipes with salsa dip can complement many Southwestern dishes.

You can use recipes with salsa dip as a healthy alternative to cream based vegetable dips. You can dip those fresh vegetables into a classic mild salsa dip and enjoy all those fresh flavors. You can make queso recipes with salsa dip as well. This traditional cheese dips will still be low in calories, and yet will have a very tasty zing.

You can find pasta recipes with salsa dip as well. Using pico de gallo salsa dips instead of a traditional pasta sauce can give your spaghetti. You may even be creating a brand new family favorite. How about recipes with salsa dip and pizza? Create a Mexican inspired pizza by using salsa instead of regular marinara sauce for your pizza. If your family is tired of your meatloaf, add some pizzazz by adding some salsa to the mixture. You can also drizzle the top of your meatloaf with a bit of salsa as well.

There are plenty of recipes that you can experiment with. You may be pleasantly surprised at the different tastes that these recipes with salsa dip will evoke.
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