Reasons to Install a Vented Roof System – Home Improvement Tax

Rent issues can be eliminated by knowing what kind of roof as well as the ventilation the roof has. A properly functioning attic ventilation system can not only protect the roof from damage, and it can also reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Proper ventilation systems have both exhaust and intake vents. They help circulate air, and prevent water from accumulating. If there is inadequate airflow and your roof shingles are damaged, they could fall off or become a breeding ground for bacteria that will cause damage to the shingles and framing. The moisture generated by daily activities, like showering or cooking may clog the ceiling or roof, and lead to mold or wood decay. Avoid thousands of costs by being prepared and making sure you have an air-ventilated roof.

Since heat is trapped within the attic space, all snow on the roof will melt from the heat escape, and then drip into the gutters before refreezing and causing expensive damage. It also contributes to a lower efficiency in energy use, making your heating or air conditioning to be more efficient all the time. When installing a brand new roofing system, make sure you check with a professional to make sure your attic is fitted with proper ventilation system. 9v8ibt4vd3.