Online News Sources Replacing TV, Print, and Radio as the Main Source For Breaking News

Advances in technology over the years have led to many enjoyed increases in convenience. People of the modern world today are being bred to expect the highest forms of convenience for all aspects of life thanks to new technology. With the advent of computers and the Internet especially, this has become more and more possible with every day that goes by.

Information is what people are always seeking today, and they are seeking it exclusively from the most convenient, quick sources that are available. The world we live in today is commonly called the “Information Age,” and this is in reference to the prominence of the Internet making information so readily available. The most commonly sought kind of information continues to be breaking news. People want to know what is happening in the world around them, and online news sources are obscuring past news at rapidly increasing rates.

In the past, people would get the majority of their news by reading a newspaper. A strong majority of people would have the newspaper delivered to their door each morning, and they would start their day by reading about local, national, and world news. Today, though many people still read newspapers, some are finding the convenience of laptops and smartphones that can provide online news to be much more preferable.

Another traditional means of getting the news is watching TV news stations. The routines of many individuals’ days has commonly involved watching the nightly broadcast of the news on their television. In what can be seen as a blend of past and present, many news channel websites offer features such as online TV news broadcasts. References.