Make Your Products Stand Out with Custom Displays

Portable trade show display

Trade shows provide individuals with the opportunity to both showoff their products or describe their service, and create that important first impression. According to Exhibitor Magazine, just over three quarters of exhibitors have no specific objectives for the trade shows the attend. But no matter how lofty a goal may be, utilizing tools like table throws and truss displays to showcase items is a good idea. With the right table throws and fabric displays, people who want to share their talents and products will do well to draw the eye of those visiting the show looking for unique items.

There are all kinds of products that someone might find at a trade show that exhibitors use including tabletop displays, literature racks, banner stands, custom dry erase boards, and folding display panels. Since a typical national trade show hosts 10,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors, people can expect 200 visitors every day. In order to boost that number, exhibitors will want to make sure they use table throws and other items to make their products stand out. The right combination of portable trade show displays and table throws can help any exhibitor be the main attraction of a trade show.

The Consumer Electronics expo in Las Vegas is the biggest single industry trade show. In fact, in 2011, CES hosted 2,500 exhibitors and 120,000 attendees. Because every exhibitor is unique and will have different needs, there probably were not two of them that used the same displays and table throws. But by customizing their displays with unique table throws, the best ones were likely able to attract many attendees and show off their work.