Keeping Up With Breaking News Stories

Many Americans keep up with news and current events. Television, radio, newspapers, journals and online sources all provide news. Whenever something of major significance happens, we can quickly see and hear what is happening with the use of breaking news videos.

When there is a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a powerful storm such as a hurricane, there is often breaking news video displayed on television and over the internet. With the use of video breaking news stories and the details surrounding them can be both seen and heard by viewers almost instantly.

For news stations such as CNN breaking news videos often involve national events. For example, when an American politician does something newsworthy, or gets into some sort of trouble, there is usually breaking news video available of the events as they are unfolding. Meetings and events of international significance, announcements by the President of the United States or other high ranking officials, and emergency situations are some of the events that are often considered to be breaking news stories.