Is Texas Denying Benefits to Troops? Breaking News Updates from CNN

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Did you know that CNN was the first channel to provide 24 hour news coverage on television? Many people watch CNN for the latest national and international news. If you are looking for CNN breaking news videos online, you can click right on over to their homepage. If you click on their “TV and Video” tab, you can watch shows, stories worth watching, or the channel itself, as it appears live. Here are three important video breaking news clips that are up right now.

1. Ariel Castro Found Dead

Earlier this year, the nation was shocked to learn that three women had been kidnapped, tortured, and held captive for years by Ariel Castro in his Ohio home. After their rescue, Castro was sentenced to life and an additional 1,000 years for his crimes. Castro pleased guilty, and one month later, was found hanging by a bed sheet, in what is assumed at this point to have been a suicide. Guards checked on Castro every half hour, but he had not been placed under suicide watch.

2. Fukushima Highly Toxic

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is leaking even more, and readings have jumped to a new high this week. The levels are strong enough to kill unprotected individuals within hours. The plant was originally damaged by an earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011. Water is pumped around the damaged reactors in order to cool them, but as a result, some of the water has been escaping and entering groundwater.

3. Texas Denying Benefits to Troops

The state governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is proposing that the Texas Military Forces should not have to recognize the benefits guaranteed to same sex partners in the military. The TMF, however, includes the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, which arguably makes it more federal in scope, and as such, it should adhere to Washington policies. The defense secretary announced earlier this year that same sex partners could become eligible for several benefits.

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