Implicit Bias in Policing –

The term “ias” refers to our unconscious attitudes or thoughts can be attributed to a certain population. It is possible to observe implicit bias regarding race, skin color, or gender identification. The implicit bias that police officers exhibit is an important subject since police officers are expected to be impartial components of the legal system. It is time to look into implicit bias in police work.

Implicit bias may arise from the environment we grow up. If you live in an area that’s less diverse You may experience an increased bias toward other people. The bias is evident in police offers through the way that they deal with people. As a society, we should do our best to remove the bias.

To fight implicit bias police officers must go through special training. In this training, they are not only taught about implicit bias, but also learn to recognize the signs of it their own. Because the bias is unconscious makes it very difficult to overcome, however once you’re aware of it, you may be able to get rid of it little by little.