I Failed My Driving Test Four Times, Read How I Still Managed to Earn It

Orange county drivers ed

It took me not one, not two, not even three, but four times to get my license. No joke. It was not that I was a bad driver (in my opinion) I just got way too nervous before my road exam, and my nerves made worse than a first time driver. Teens like me, who are between the ages of 16 and 19, are actually four times more likely to crash than experienced drivers.

That was about the time my Dad forced me to look into either Santa Ana driving schools, Irvine driving schools, Orange Country Driving Schools, or some kind of driving instruction that would whip me into ship.

When I took my first class of Orange County Driving School, to be honest, I did not expect the level of customer service and behind the wheel training that I received. I had no idea that the training usually takes place in both the classroom and the vehicle, so you get the knowledge and the experience needed.

Although my problem did not lie with my skills, but with my nerves, my Orange County Driving School instructor encouraged swearing. Odd, but he said that the average driver swear approximately 32,000 times in their lifetime while driving, and that it really can help ease tension. However, he said to do so under my breath so as not to give the impression that I was as nervous as I was.

I earned my license, in the end. After two years of failing and two years of trepidation, I did it and it was all thanks to the reassurances of my Orange County Driving School instructor. I am glad that there were groups like the Highway Education Board and the Eno Foundation for Highway Traffic Regulation formed to promote highway safety since 1922. And I am glad to know that with the education I received from my Orange County driving school that I am far less likely to contribute to the statistic that there are 65 traffic tickets issued each minute in the United States.

I am proud of my Orange County Driving School education. Has any one else taken courses? What did you think about your Orange Country Driving School experience? Please share your comments, opinions and stories about Orange County Driving schools.