HVAC Maintenance Tips – Home Improvement Tax

Tips to keep your heating and air conditioner working efficiently. Here are a few of our top tips for maintaining the condition of your air conditioner.

First thing to perform is to wash your condenser coil. It sits all around the AC unit and sucks air in through the sides before forcing it out through the top. It heats your home, after which it pushes it out. The condenser may be blocked by dirt, grass or any other dirt. Use a hose and wash down the condenser’s coil. There may be a need to take out certain panels in order to get access to the condenser coil, but it’s very simple.

Additionally, check your AC unit for any evidence of insects or a nest. Make sure rodents aren’t getting into the air conditioning unit. The panels should be opened and you can use the flashlight to search for evidence, including droppings, scratch marks, scratches on the wiring, and the rodents or pests themselves.

There is no need for the entire inspection. A local HVAC contractor can do it for you. To learn more about HVAC maintenance, watch the video below.