How To Make Bolognese The Best Italian Cooking Secrets – Cooking Advice Now

Served over pasta or lasagna. In order to make the best Bolognese sauce, the first step is getting quality ingredients. Visit the grocery store near you and pick up only fresh ingredients they will give you the best Italian preparation. Meat being the main ingredient, it is important to be aware of which one you decide to use. Obviously, you will need two varieties of meat: pork and beef preferably. However, the meat should not be overly lean. A small amount of fat is fine in meat because it will keep it from drying out, and will also add flavor.

Another Italian technique is patience. The preparation of Bolognese requires time. If you’re looking to have an easy meal that can be prepared in just 40 minutes, then skip the Bolognese. This dish requires more than 2 hours to cook, if you take into account the prep of the ingredients, as well. Make sure you use a larger pan. A big, sturdy pan is required to ensure that your meat and veggies cook in a uniform way. Bolognese can be made with a keen eye on each of the small details.