How to Lift Without Hurting Your Back – Free Health Videos

We are all familiar with back pain. It’s not due to our weaknesses. Most of us haven’t been taught to lift objects that weigh a lot. This video will demonstrate how to safely lift heavy items without putting your back in pain. If you’re already far, it is time to contact an attorney who can help with back pain for your work-related injuries.

The most important thing to remember when lifting is to carry the object near to your body as you can. It is crucial to keep this in mind when you are reaching down to grab the item. You won’t be able to safely adjust the object in your grip after you’ve picked it up. Don’t twist the object when you carry it in case it causes things such as hernias. Instead, pivot your feet.

As you go down to pick up a weighty object be sure to bend your kneesand not your back. You only want a slight bend to be maintained in your lower back. Grab the object and bend your hips to the back. Make sure that your shoulders and your chest are up. This will give you the ideal pose for lifting. Do this by lifting your legs.