How to Lay Pea Gravel – DIY Home Decor Ideas

can be a cost-effective paving solution that can be used by those who want to create gorgeous and natural paths through their yard and garden. This article will explore how you can lay pea gravel perfectly on the first attempt.

The first step is to choose a size of chipping 14mm or wider. It isn’t as durable the same amount of time, and is more likely to disperse. This is why it’s more difficult to decide on.

You will then need decide where the gravel path will be on your lawn, and sketch it out. Be sure to take measurements twice before using chalk, stakes and fishline for marking where you’ll place the pathway.

Clean the area from plants and weedsand then lay on a weed-proof membrane. There is no need to dig up the dirt to eliminate any weeds, thanks to the weed membrane.

It’s time to set the gravel. Place the gravel over the ground and distribute equally using an shovel and rake. The level of gravel should be between 50 and 50 millimeters. You want to ensure you can see the top of the path and ensure you’re not sinking at every turn.

Last but not least, clean the surface to get rid of dust and make the gravel shine. The result is a useful and visually appealing pathway.