How to Fortify Your Business Through Reselling Social Media

It’s understandable why some businesses would be reluctant to get involved with social media. After all, nothing’s worse than the people who tweet about every meal they eat, every song they listen to and everything that happens in the span of their work day. After a while, it just gets annoying.

But using social media for businesses purposes is a bit more strategic. And with the right plan of action and steadfastness to carrying it out, social media might just take your business from the bottom of the totem pole to the top. Isn’t that what building better business is all about?

Imagine you’re a new web services agency that specializes in web design. You serve a large purpose, but you’re also fairly specific because you don’t offer any other online marketing or development services — until you look into reselling. As a social media reseller, you’d partner with a larger agency and have its worker run your clients’ social media profiles for them. You’d cultivate better online personas for them, all through this second channel of operations called the wholesaler. Essentially, you become the middleman in the operation.

But how does that benefit your company? After all, can’t this outsource social media firm simply take all your clients away from you? That’s the question, and my friend, the answer is a resounding no! The majority of these partnerships begin with some kind of non-compete clause, preventing either firm from trying to swipe clients. In other words, you keep the web design clients you have now, then build up a social media program which they can also benefit from, thus expanding your services. In the meantime, you’re bringing in more business for social media which you can then turn around and convert into web design. It’s just that easy.

On top of all this, when you resell social media programs, you’re also expanding your brand quite a bit as a leader in the industry. Often, you can even resell under your own brand name (in a practice called white label reselling). This allows your brand to get out and float around in the right circles, all the while picking up more customers and clients. And it all starts with a quick venture into reselling.

The goal, ultimately, is that reselling these social media programs will help you build up your business to the point where you can assemble your own social media team in-house, then an SEO team, and so on. Before long, you have an entire fleet of online marketing services ready to offer any client. That’s how you build a stronger business. All it takes is a little practice.

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