How to Find the Perfect Digital Camera to Give as a Present This Holiday Season

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Christmas is right around the corner, and shoppers everywhere are trying to figure out what is the industry best to get for their loved ones. However, before you can figure out which digital camera is best, you have to consider the person and their needs. What are they going to use it for? Knowing that will help you figure out which digital camera is best for them.

The two most common kinds of photography that you’re average, everyday person will use a digital camera for are landscapes, and portraits. Depending on which kind of photography the person you’re shopping for does more of will determine which digital camera is best for them! Here are a couple helpful tips to help you figure out which digital camera is best to get them!


The key to great portrait photography lies in the background, ironically. You see, in order to create that excellent classic look, the background needs to be blurred. The camera’s lens should be able to focus between 50mm and 100mm. It’s also important that the camera have an Aperture Priority, because for the best portraits, a person should be able to select the largest aperture available on the lens, such as f/4 or f/5. Some of even the best small digital cameras don’t have these setting, which makes it necessary to shop around if you want to know which digital camera is best for your loved one.


The proper technique for landscape photography is to keep every detail, from a tree’s foliage in the far off distance to the minnows in the pond right in front of you, in sharp, blistering detail. To do this, many want to find the hyperfocal distance, which is a very technical detail that shouldn’t have to be worried about so long as you’re using a wide-angle lens. To figure out which digital camera is best for your loved one, find a camera with a small aperture, such as f/16, that can manually focus around three meters of the way into a scene. Also, make sure that the camera’s shutter speed can be set fast enough for the user to hold the camera steady enough to avoid camera shake.

Knowing what the recipient will use it for will help you know how to buy a digital camera that’s perfect for them. If you have any questions about which which digital camera is best, or need more general information on digital cameras, feel free to ask in the comments! Find out more at this site.