How Hummus Can Help You Eat Better

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Many people who are watching what they eat often look for healthier substitutes for some of their favorite snacks. Given that dips often made with sour cream are a very popular (but unhealthy) snack, it is no wonder that many people search for a healthier alternative to get their dip fix. And there is no better healthy dip than hummus. Hummus nutrition helps to provide any diet with a low calorie, high protein alternative to many other dips and spreads. Hummus calories are very low when compared with these other dips and spreads. Hummus nutritional benefits can help a bland diet turn into something a little more exciting.

But first, you might be wondering “what is hummus?” Hummus might seem a bit exotic given its Middle Eastern origins, but is made of something which most of us have eaten at one point or another. The main ingredient in hummus is chickpeas. It is a very simple dish and contains only three other major ingredients: olive oil, tahini, and lemon juice. Add a little bit of salt and pepper to the mix, and you have yourself the full list of hummus nutrition facts. Mash it all together and you get a simple, delicious, and nutritious dip and spread that goes with a variety of foods.

Not only is hummus a great alternative to dips, but it also makes a great spread that goes with many other foods. Hummus spread can be used on sandwiches as a low calorie alternative to mayonnaise. And, I personally think it adds a much better flavor than mayonnaise does. One easy hummus recipe includes no more than three ingredients. Grab a wheat wrap, some grilled chicken, and a little hummus, and you’ve got yourself a tasty lunch that is amazingly high in protein.

While it is great as a spread, hummus nutrition reaches its height when it is used as a dip. Dip some baby carrots, or any other vegetable of choice, and you have a nutritious snack that you can munch on all day. And, really, you can dip whatever you want in it. You may lose some of the hummus nutrition, but try dipping a chicken wing in it and you won’t be disappointed.

These are only a few ideas and benefits of the highly versatile Middle Eastern dip known as hummus. Go out to your local grocery store, pick up some hummus, and experiment with different recipes and flavors to get the most out of your hummus nutrition. Once you add humus to your diet, you will never miss the more fattening dips again. Check out this website for more:

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