Head to Rochester for Live Music, and a Spin on Tradition

House of guitars rochester

Did you know that, in the year 2013, Rochester, NY hosted the 95th Professional Golf Association (PGA) Championship, invited a Hollywood crew to shoot scenes for the upcoming film Amazing Spider-Man 2 in downtown, and opened up its doors, specifically at Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe, for President Obama? The past year has been a big year for Rochester, but what many Americans do not realize is that the city offers all kinds of exciting things to do, and year-round, too. Looking for Rochester information? What can current and prospective Rochester locals enjoy on daily basis?

Thrilling Festivals

Rochester, NY hosts one of its nation-famous festivals just about year-round. The region, dubbed “Festival City,” is best-known for Rochester music festivals. Perhaps the most famous of all, the annual Rochester Jazz Festival, has earned recognition by the New York Times as one of the nation’s four top jazz fests (competing with big-shot cities like New York, New Port, and San Francisco). Last June’s festival boasted a record-breaking number of attendees, and welcomed artists and musicians from over 17 separate countries.

Other popular Rochester festivals include the East End Music Festival, the Lilac Festival, and the Big Rib and BBQ Blues Fest. Rochester’s annual Lilac Festival offers live music, food, crafts, wares, and fresh lilac bushes available for purchase. The Big Rib and BBQ Blues Fest, on the other hand, gives residents the chance to sample hundreds of varieties of ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, beef brisket, and more.

New-Age Cocktails

Rochester’s up-and-coming and established restaurants and bars are giving traditional cocktails a new twist. According to local mixologist Marco Muoio, “The further idea behind our cocktail menu is to blur the line between food and drink, adding more savory components.” Rose water, edible flowers, local honey, cider, syrups, herbs, and fresh juices are just some of the ingredients in new-age cocktails. One such cocktail, a creation of local restaurant Good Luck, is dubbed “The Lunch Box.” “The Lunch Box” incorporates just about chilled brandy, fresh grape juice, and chopped up, frozen peanut butter.

Rochester, NY has something to offer everyone. Head out to one of Rochester’s many festivals, redefine tradition with new-age cocktails, or look up more Rochester info for family fun activities.