Gain Customers with the Help of a DRTV Agency

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If you want to move a lot of product, you should consider working with a DRTV agency. Well made infomercials can go a long way toward getting the word out about your business. A study done by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that a high quality video produced by a DRTV agency or infomercial company will speed up consumer purchasing decisions by 72 percent as well as increase consumer retention of information by 50 percent. Therefore, it makes sense that much of your media marketing should be infomercial oriented and that working with a good DRTV agency will increase your profit margin.

Consumers want ads packaged more like news stories according to the Columbia School of Journalism. A recent study confirmed that consumers believe news stories are more trustworthy than are advertisements. So if you contract a great DRTV agency, they can take advantage of this truism and turn it on its head. Good infomercial production companies will create an infomercial for your products that feels much more like a news feature instead of an advertising strategy. Another relevant fact when considering a Drtv agency is that many Americans still love to watch TV, according to the fifth edition of the Deloitte “State of the Media Democracy” survey. Nearly three quarters of Americans admit that watching TV on any device is their number one favorite media related activity. It is therefore not surprising that 86 out of 100 Americans acknowledge that advertisements on TV have the highest impact on purchasing decisions, even if they believe news is more credible than advertising.

A DRTV agency can streamline the process of creating an infomercial by spending much less time in the edit bay and providing customers with convincing and well presented product information. A DRTV agency will make sure that consumers pay attention by making your infomercial entertaining and fun. Direct response production of your infomercial by a DRTV agency can positively affect your bottom line by targeting multitasking American consumers who use a variety of media platforms at the same time. For example, while watching TV, 42 percent of consumers are online, 26 percent are texting, and 29 percent talk on their cell phones. A whopping 61 percent of consumers are on social media which is filled with examples of instant streaming infomercials that can be used to increase your DRTV production advantage.

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