Discover Why Many Small Business Owners Are Worried about Health Care Costs in Canada

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Health care in Canada is delivered through a publicly funded health care system set up in 1984 under the Canada Health Act. The act sets out the minimum standards for health care across provincial and territorial health insurance programs. If provincial and territorial health insurance programs do not met these standards, then they are ineligible to receive federal transfer payments under the Canada Health Transfer, thus depriving them of funding.

As a result of the act, health care in Canada is financed primarily through income taxes. There are no deductibles and co pays are very low. Doctors bill the government for reimbursement, rather than patients. Costs are kept low due to the administrative simplicity of the system. The government also encourages Canadians to receive yearly checkups and receive preventative care. This helps Canadians to live longer and also helps reduce the health care costs per person. Finally, expensive competitive practices, like advertising, are discouraged, further saving money.

Unfortunately, the act is largely restricted to services delivered in hospitals or by physicians. Thus, employers will often provide employee health insurance plans to cover other costs, like dental, vision, and prescription drugs, not covered under the act. While the vast majority of Canadians prefer their health care system to the American health care system, 72% of small business owners are concerned about the cost of employee benefit plans. As a result, many are looking for more affordable health insurance for small businesses.

If you would like more information on health insurance for small businesses in Canada, then visit the internet. Online, you will be able to find and compare many different plans so that you can find the most affordable one for your small business. Because of the rising cost of health insurance, it is important for small businesses to stay one step ahead in order to survive. Research more here.