Discover the Comfort of an Eames Lounge Chair

The ghost chair

When people facetiously refers to themselves as the “king of the castle” before ascending to their reclining leather thrones after a long day at work, during the middle ages that wouldn’t have been an exaggeration. How so? Well, during the Middle Ages, chairs were the exclusive domain of the upper classes. As such, during those rare social occasions when classes mixed, noblemen and others of high social status would be seated in chairs, while individuals from lower social classes would sit on the floor.

Thankfully, society has come a long way since those days, and chairs are the most basic piece of furniture in every home, school, business, and restaurant. From Eames lounge chairs to ghost chairs to elegant designers chairs, no public place seems remotely welcoming without chairs on which folks can take a load off and stay a while. It’s not like you really need designer table and chairs, as even folding metal chairs will do just fine.

For people who really appreciate beauty, innovation and comfort, however, it’s hard to beat an Eames lounge chair. Charles and Ray Eames design Eames lounge chairs for the Herman Miller furniture company. The typical Eames design consists of molded plywood and leather, and the look is one that mixes classic qualities with a modern feel. This makes them ideal for individuals who appreciate minimalist designs that include a bit more character.

If you consider yourself the type of person who appreciates the blend of simplicity, practicality, and style, Eames lounge chairs might fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for a basic wooden lounge chair, or a classic leather chair with a matching ottoman, Eames will have the ideal designer chairs for your living room or office.


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