Discover How HSK Technology Can Help Your Manufacturing Operation

End mills for aluminum

Modern manufacturing is as demanding as ever. In order to remain competitive, manufacturers require higher speeds and feeds, greater accuracy and faster tool changes than ever before. Thankfully, a tooling system known as HSK allows manufacturers to meet and even surpassing manufacturing requirements.

HSK is a new standard non proprietary tooling interface. Beginning with tooling shanks and spindle, HSK was first introduced in Germany, and has since spread across Europe and North America. It is particularly well suited to high speed applications. HSK standards’ impact on the metal cutting industry has been likened to the impact of the microchip on the electronics industry. It has signaled a sea change in the industry.

Today, there are 50,000 HSK spindles worldwide. The technology of HSK tool holders are used in aluminum cutters, including ball end mills for aluminum and face mills for aluminum. HSK tool holders can be used in many different metal cutting applications.

Unfortunately, despite the obvious advantages offered by HSK technology, many companies have experienced problems implementing HSK to their operations. Proponents of HSK contend that these problems are the result of lack of proper information and due to a misunderstanding of how to properly utilize HSK tools. If you would like to learn more about HSK technology, including how it can help your manufacturing business, search online. There are many HSK resources available so that manufacturers can correctly learn how to implement and utilize HSK technologies. Learn more about this topic here: