Considering Solar Energy? You Are on the Right Track

Advantages for solar energy

Welcome to the solar northeast. Did you realize in the solar northeast, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont are prime candidates for solar panels? Before you roll your eyes at the idea, how much do you know about solar energy in the solar northeast? Rather than jump to conclusions, read on for some fun facts about solar energy.

  • What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?
  • Solar has several advantages over conventional energy sources. First, it can be significantly cheaper than using natural gas or electricity. It uses a renewable energy source to charge batteries that can run an entire home for several days without even needing a recharge. When you use the sun to power your home instead of a constant flow of electricity that you have to pay for, you can see a huge decrease in power prices.

    Now, more than ever, solar panels and solar energy accessories are cheap! Most states will give you tax breaks for purchasing solar equipment and using its energy. In fact, in Connecticut, the state will give you 30% off of the sticker price of whatever you pay for in solar supplies. Then, come tax time, they give you an additional 30% to take off on your taxes. That means that solar energy costs only 40% of market price in Connecticut!

  • Why Is Solar Energy Renewable?
  • In case you did not tie the two together, solar energy utilizes the sun. Because the sun rises every day, without fail, with no ill-effects to the environment, it is a completely free resource that we should be harnessing to power more things.

    The sun’s rays still make it through clouds, even if it is overcast, so a gloomy day is not a completely lost cause. But, as mentioned above, even if it were too dark to charge the incredibly sensitive solar cells, the powerful batteries can run for several days without needing a recharge. And how do you recharge? Expose them to the sun. Something that happens every 12 hours or so.

  • What Are the Solar Energy Environmental Benefits?
  • Solar is amazingly beneficial to the environment in so many ways. The first is that it obviously reduces our dependency on oil which is on-par with coal for how damaging to the environment it is. Between its collection, production, transportation, and consumption, oil and gas are destroying the world we live on.

    But solar is even better than other renewable resources in some case. Hydro power must dam up a huge amount of water in order to collect enough power to be effective, and that change in water volumes can affect all sorts of aspects of the environment. And enormous wind farms are incredibly expensive, not the most efficient when it comes to collecting power, and not as safe to the environment as we would like.

There you have it. Literally no reason not to look into solar panels for your home or business. Be the first among your friends to get them and introduce them all to the amazing benefits that come with solar energy. Start the solar revolution in your area.