Common AC Problems – Andre Blog

mmer. If the device fails the mmer, you’ll definitely notice. There’s no shortage possibilities for things to be wrong. This video will explain how to fix common problems in air conditioners.

The most common issue with air conditioner units is a damaged capacitor. A bad capacitor can create a situation where the fan will push warm air into the unit, and then not function in any way out. It is possible to hear a rumble every 30 seconds because the AC will not start. Make contact with your local AC repair business to have the capacitor replaced.

The problem of low refrigerant is a common problem. One of the signs are your house not cooling off enough to reach the desired temperature despite having the AC and the fan functioning correctly. But, before you jump to the conclusion that this is the case, you should wash off the condenser unit first. Similar symptoms could be due to this. Likewise, also try replacing filters in your furnace. If this isn’t able to fix your issue, it is most likely due to the lack of refrigerant.