Breaking News! You Can Use Breaking News Videos, Too

Breaking news videos

When you watch the news at night, and you see the breaking news graphic sequence, usually with scrolling and spinning text, shining backgrounds, and that abstract futuristic feel, did you ever think that you could use those graphics for yourself? Breaking news video templates add a great looking effect to any film, but you could also use them in a corporate video, or to deliver a true broadcast as well.

Use the template in a film.

If there is a breaking news video scene in your film, imagine how much more authentic it would look with the animated graphic of a breaking news sequence. Breaking news videos will look as if hours were spent on them to create the spinning globe, the flashing text, and the scrolling news tickers at the bottom, but all that you used was a simple template.

Use the template for corporate videos.

A breaking news video template could also be appropriate for a corporate video used for marketing, or just as an interesting piece of media. You might make your next press release in video format, or create a breaking news video segment to be distributed with your next e-newsletter.

Use the template for a true broadcast.

If you have a website, or a small local news station, these templates can be customized to be used just like a real breaking news segment. With a breaking news video template, you can make segments that look almost exactly like CNN breaking news videos. Look for templates with good reviews, and that match the style and feel that you are going for. Having experience with Adobe video editing products will also be helpful in customizing the template.

Breaking news videos are not just for the big name broadcast stations. Whether you are creating a zombie film with a breaking news segment that shows mayhem and carnage in major cities, or whether you are creating a corporate video to share the latest on the big merger, or whether you have a real broadcast to make, these templates are a valuable resource.