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How to become a physician

If you are a physician training right now, you are aware of the new EandM codes, otherwise known as evaluation and management codes, created in 2010 for prolonged care. These codes forbid face to face contact with patients. For physician training, current EandM codes are tested via a 150 multiple choice question exam. The test is timed and takes 5 and a half hours. The test is a benchmark for those in basic physician training. In order for a United States physician training to pass the CPC medical coding exam, a score of at least 70 percent. The test is not easy, and some people have to take it more than once before they receive a passing grade.

The majority of health care organizations require that coders be certified. Luckily, many physician training schools provide medical coding and medical billing education courses for certification. These courses are organized beneath one umbrella program for physician training efficiency purposes. Once coders have finished their physician training programs, they will be able to get jobs in a field expected to grow by 20 percent as of the year 2018. The medical coding field offers a great many opportunities for pay increases and advancement, and is highly popular amongst those taking physician training courses.

As the health care industry grows exponentially, so does the need for coding specialists in the United States. A physician training right now must learn to work in consort with coding specialists to provide the best care possible while also maintaining precise evaluation and management documentation, both for billing purposes and continuity of care. Within the next decade, the emphasis on understanding EandM codes will only increase, which means that a physician training now must become fluent in EandM coding.
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