Are Vehicle Safety Ratings Accurate? – Car Talk Podcast

If you purchase a car that offers good protection from injuries that could result from a crash. You can easily find safety ratings on the internet. Are they really accurate? Short answer “No.” But the answer is more complicated than it appears. In this video, you are going to know more about safety ratings , and the reasons they should be changed.

Safety testing is usually done by using just a handful of crashes dummies and cars. The tests cover head-on collisions, rollovers and T-bones. These tests are not sufficient. It is true that the United States has not seen any major changes to its crash tests since the turn in the 20th century. European nations continue with their inventions and refuses to accept the existing system.

Some other countries are adopting more realistic crash dummies. They don’t move or talk. They better represent the bodies of actual drivers. It is particularly important for female drivers to be modelled, which may have bodies that differ from males. This is particularly important in light of the fact that the majority of female drivers and they are significantly more likely to suffer injuries if a crash were to happen.