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H provides textures and aesthetics. And lastly, a performance topcoat is applied for protection from chemical attack, cleaning and normal wear and tear.

The majority of people who are new to epoxy flooring as well as resinous flooring often ask: Which thickness should they use? As there are various flooring thicknesses acceptable to use and a variety of floor thicknesses available, the answer isn’t simple. Selecting the right epoxy flooring coating needs taking into consideration a range of elements.

Flooring systems made of thin epoxy may be as thin as 0.011 inches to 0.025 inches (11-25 millimeters). They are made up of a primer and optionally an intermediate coat. The topcoat is then added. These thinner coatings systems may offer a variety of performance depending on the kind and the finish. These can be used to give protection to traffic-light areas, and to reduce dusting of concrete and resist slip. These coatings also provide attractive surfaces that are simple to keep clean. w82wukm85i.