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teeth, which includes decay as well as gum disease. In the event that dentists suggest ways for you to replace the tooth, they can show you a dental implant diagram to help you understand how implants work. Although implants for dental purposes can be expensive, they provide a permanent solution to problems with a missing tooth.

If you’re thinking of getting dental implants, you could be thinking, what do they look like? One of the great things about getting a dental implant is that they look exactly like the teeth you have. It looks great when installed, both upper and lower. There’s no reason one should be able to tell that a dental implant isn’t your natural tooth.

Find a dental professional who is implant-focused, you could require the dental implant specialist or an oral surgeon. Some regular dentists do dental implants, but many don’t. Consult your dentist about whether they are able to do an implant, or whether they need to refer to one who is specialized in implant surgical procedures.