10 Ways to Get Your Business Loan Faster

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The small business presence in the U.S. is incredible. Nearly 30 million exist in the U.S., providing employment to more than half of the American workforce. Unfortunately, many of these businesses struggle to stay afloat, thanks to cash flow difficulties, slow sales, and lack of inventory. Banks have been less willing to distribute loans, leaving many businesses in dire financial straits. Fortunately, the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act took effect in 2010, improving many businesses’ chances at success. Still, securing a loan requires business owners to do a little preparatory work. Quick and easy business loans only go to those who submit thorough and complete applications.

If you’re needing to secure fast small business loans, the responsibility lies with you to prepare adequately. These ten suggestions will help you make sure you’re poised for an easy business loans experience.

  1. Do a little research. Find out about your banker, including how long he or she has been with the bank or lender and what his or her credentials are. Be forthcoming about your own background as well. Share details about your business’s operating cycle, risks, opportunities, and cash flow.
  2. Be ready to commit financially. Lenders aren’t going to be chomping at the bit to give loans to business owners who aren’t confident enough to place some of their own money on the line.
  3. Be punctual and thorough. Find out about every single piece of paperwork you need to submit, and get it there on time.
  4. Find out what your personal and professional credit ratings are. If either of them are less than “great,” be ready to explain why.
  5. Complete a detailed business plan. It should explicitly explain how you plan to use the funds in your business and how you plan to repay the loan. Whatever you do, don’t ask for the maximum amount.
  6. Be totally forthcoming about the realities of your business. If there are risks like seasonal slows, address them in your business plan.
  7. Have a few ideas about equity or collateral. Your chances are much higher if you can demonstrate a real willingness to share the risk associated with loans.
  8. Gather a team of experts. Talk to an an attorney, CPA, banker, and insurance agent before applying for your loan. That helps you make sure you are informed and gives the lender confidence that you can access expertise when necessary.
  9. Go overboard with your business plan. Make it compelling, and try your best to include answers for every question. Address best, probable, and worst case scenarios to show that you’ve given the matter due consideration.
  10. Show off a little bit. If you can demonstrate your ability to succeed with previous experience, you’ll stand a better chance of receiving the money you need.
  11. Easy business loans are less easy for the applicant than for the lender, but the hard work is worth the speed at which they’re granted. If you’re serious about obtaining a fast business loan, the responsibility lies with you to present a convincing, thorough case to the lender.

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